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  Services Pro Cat 1 Cat 2 Event Plan Tandem Coaching
Cost* $400/mo. $300/mo. $150/mo. $450 $200/mo.
Startup Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Custom Training Program Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interactive Web Based Training Program Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact Frequency Unlimited Unlimited Weekly Bi Weekly Bi Weekly
Training Log Review Unlimited Unlimited Weekly Bi Weekly Bi Weekly
Power & HR Data Review Unlimited Weekly Bi Weekly Bi Weekly Monthly
Bicycle Fit $50 $100 $130 $100 $200
Field Testing Included Included $100 $150 $150
Power Testing $30 $50 $80 $150 $250
Stroke Analysis and Biomechanics Feedback $50 $100 $130 $150 $150
On Field Instruction (Riding With Client) Bi Weekly Monthly Bi Monthly $150 $150

*3 Month minimum on all programs unless Event Plan is purchased.



The coach will work individually with the athletes to determine the proper training programs required in order to achieve their cycling or fitness goals. Escala Studio gives you individualized programs based entirely upon the athlete's strengths, weaknesses, physiological testing and athletic history. Whether you're a beginner or a expert cyclist looking to improve or achieve a higher level of fitness, or even an avid cyclist who wants to stick to a cycling routine to lose weight and improve overall health, our personal training and guidance will teach you the proper training techniques to ensure that you reach your objectives.

When choosing a level, a client should look for a balance between the amount of attention they desire versus what they can afford. New can clients start out at a higher level to get more attention when they're new and then move down a coaching level as their own level of expertise increases, or up a level for a part of the season where they need more assistance.

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