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Whether you’re a seasoned endurance athlete or just looking to improve yourself, Escala Studio will help you achieve your goals. Escala Studio provides one-on-one consultations and training plans with a variety of tests like lactate threshold, resting metabolic rate, Functional Threshold Power, Functional Threshold Heart Rate and also provides you with top notch bike fitting and power testing.



Our certified coach work individually with you to determine the proper training program required in order to achieve the cycling or fitness goals you have. Escala Studio gives you individualized programs based entirely upon your strengths, weaknesses, physiological testing and athletic history. Whether you're a beginner or a professional cyclist looking to improve or achieve a higher level of fitness, or even an avid cyclist who wants to stick to a cycling routine to lose weight and improve overall health, our personal training and guidance will teach you the proper training program to ensure that you reach your objectives.



At Escala Studio we use state of the art training, communication techniques and equipment. We use the latest coaching technology available today and we give all of our training programs and instruction via the internet, so you can see and also add your ride data real-time.



For more information on our different coaching programs please see our Coaching Programs page.

Discipline Specific Coaching

If you want to start racing, better racing results or maybe you just want to be on the front of your group rides and also improve your fitness and lose weight with the aid of a road bike, then our road specific coaching is the one you need.


Mountain Bike

Riding or racing mountain bikes require special skills and training. Not only do we ride and have raced mountain bikes but we really understand mountain biking and its demands, thus giving you best advice and training possible.


Special Event Training

Do you have a organized ride or a century that you would like to do? or maybe a epic mountain bike race but you don't know how to prepare for it, we can help you get ready to achieve your goal. Our event training is guided for those that need to prepare for a really specific race or epic ride.




Riding a tandem is very different if compared to a single bike. Tandems require team work and understanding of each others strengths. We have developed tandem specific training techniques and programs. Our tandem training was developed on the field and is being tested and refined on cycling events.



For more information on our different coaching programs please see our Coaching Program page.

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